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New HOLICE Compilation Coming 2013

New HOLICE Compilation Coming

Yes I know, we’ve not done anything for a while. We have had the new recording of Blessed on the back burner for a bit and we keep promising to release it but just can’t seem to get out of the blocks. Well actually there is a reason it’s not been released yet but that’s for another post….

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The Sexiest HOLICE Video Yet

The video to the next single “Release” is currently in the edit suite and it’s looking fabulous. We took the typical HOLICE approach to making a video…. get a location then worry about the details on the day. I have to say Loopy (Louise) worked herself really hard and we had a great time. She did get a bit raunchy though meaning a little bit of editing is required…….. oh sod it, it’s a pop video.

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HOLICE on Wikipedia

One of the hardest tasks facing any indie band or musician who is trying to establish a fan base and a following, not to mention fake cred along the way, is getting an entry on Wikipedia. Have you ever tried to get on Wikipedia? You make a page and then within two weeks its gone thanks to the over enthusiastic moderators who have too much power. In order to get an entry you need to meet certain targets or achievements to warrant being left alone. Each category is different and music has it’s own set of rules.

Ste in Corporate Video

From the heady heights of Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, not to mention the new Meryl Steeeeep film “The Iron Lady”, Ste has finally landed the big one. This is the equivalent of Alan Partiridge and his “Hamiltons Waterbreaks” (almost).

How to Write and Produce a Song

One of the questions I get asked is often is “How do you write your songs?” This is one of those $64 million (dollar) questions for any songwriter / producer because everyone has a different approach, so I’m about to tackle this head on in the way that I do it.