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Business as usual for HOLICE as the trio embark on an utterly Balls Out electro tune called “Release“. Non stop from beginning to end Release will have you not just tapping your foot but kicking the wall and generally freaking out. This is partly due to Chris Moogs actually taking on 50% of the production role on each Release mix of which there are three, and you just have to love the Chris Moogs Mix which is almost 10 minutes long.

Not quite Suppers Ready, but getting there.

The HOO Song

Eagerly anticipated release, and departure from the usual electronic sound that HOLICE make, The HOO Song was written specifically for the Twilight Breaking Dawn movie due for release in 2012 after a request came in from the musical supervisors of the film.

It also features a great double A called Where Did It All Begin which is another acoustic mix to compliment the A side. This song will be on the forthcoming 2nd album but will exist on there in an entirely different sound.

So Beautiful

For So Beautiful it’s almost like HOLICE aquired a time machine and went back to the late 80’s at the height of the Hi-NRG Euro sound that was championed by PWL and Stock Aitken and Waterman.

This is a thumping upbeat feel good song that just screams “PLAY ME ON THE RADIO YOU DREARY NETWORKED GOBSHITES”

So Beautiful also features a rap written and performed by Manchester rapper A ME B aka Amy Burns.

When You’re Around

HOLICE have been working so hard lately promoting themselves and doing press, tv and radio interviews that it’s taken them 6 months to get their next single When You’re Around recorded and ready for release.

To make this single extra special they have also penned a brand new track for the B-Side – retro dance enthusiasts will cream themselves on listening to it.

Tokyo Boy

Following the success of the album 10 CHAKRAS and the release in September 09 of double A side Make the Night Worthwhile / Blessed we decided not to release any more music from the album and work on writing and recording new singles.

The result – TOKYO BOY. An Electronic Dance Pop song dubbed as a sound like La Roux meeting the Pet Shop Boys.