Release 2013 Cover

New Release called Release – Now, who is confused?

Release 2013 CoverCome the 29th April there will be a new release from ourselves and it’s called “Release”. Yep, now I know some of you may have heard it before but this is a completely different version.

This version is a lovely acoustic effort and it will be available on iTunes and via our online record shop as a CD, if you like CD’s, at

It’s interesting to note that the whole thing was pieced together like a complex audible jigsaw. We took the best bits from various acoustic takes that took place over the space of a year and then we moved bits around to create this masterpiece.

In the meantime here’s the video which was filmed on a freezing cold morning on the Liverpoool Waterfront and the Albert Dock.

bonnie tyler eurovision 2013

Evidence of Drug Taking at Eurovision Song Contest 2013?

bonnie tyler eurovision 2013I have two questions relating to the Eurovision Song Contest. Who the hell comes up with the decisions for the Eurovision entries for the UK and are they on drugs?

I mean in 2012 we had Englebert Humdinger which was a non starter right away. I could see it – and from what I could gather, from conversations I was either party to or I overheard, the rest of the country knew it too. The only people who didn’t know it would seem are the bozo’s in charge of choosing our entries for the UK.

I make no secret of our desire to have a shot at the Eurovision. We would love to represent the UK and I reckon we’d put the UK back on the map because we know from studying the contest and the countries involved what makes the perfect song that our European cousins enjoy. Plus I don’t think we could do much worse than the UK entries over the past decade.

But the whole thing is a closed contest. I’ve sent countless emails and had correspondence with the revolving door of staff that seem to be involved with the UK arm of the Eurovision. Every time you pick it up again (because usually you haven’t heard back from the last person you were dealing with) there’s someone new to re-establish a relationship with.

It’s a shocking way to run a railway station and frankly I would say to those people in the UK who say as a country “We shouldn’t take part anymore” Yes we should. We should just sack the people making the decisions because they’re either snorting it or shoveling it. Either way I wouldn’t trust them to pick the right fuel pump at the petrol station never mind pick who should be representing us.

We should be using the Eurovision to nurture the UK’s new talent not showcase aging rockers who have had a nice career and had their moment and really should be at home by the fire with a tartan blanket and a Horlicks.

Who remembers Love City Groove? That was a time when an unknown act represented the UK. There have been shining moments in the Eurovision where we got it right (albeit we didn’t win but that’s down to the song) but unfortunately the latest batch of decision makers have lost the plot and can only be selling their soul in return for back handed favours.

I’m sick of it, I’m sure you’re sick of it and it’s about time there was change in the system. Instead of it being a closed shop and jobs for the boys a submission process should be made available. I’m not talking about a reality show by the way – music isn’t about reality shows and money making phone lines – it’s about passion and heart and a desire to achieve something more than just 15 seconds of fame.

We would love to enter “So Beautiful” as a Eurovision entry for the UK but sadly we have already released the song and it wasn’t penned specially for the contest which is part of the terms of entry. However that doesn’t stop us writing one for the Eurovision – there’s always a drive for that next big song.

Anyway, I shall leave these thoughts with you and if you, or anyone you know, works for the mystery Eurovision selection sect then feel free to put down your card and mirror to expose yourself and tell me I’m wrong.

New HOLICE Compilation Coming 2013

New HOLICE Compilation Coming

New HOLICE Compilation Coming 2013Yes I know, we’ve not done anything for a while. We have had the new recording of Blessed on the back burner for a bit and we keep promising to release it but just can’t seem to get out of the blocks. Well actually there is a reason it’s not been released yet but that’s for another post.

However we’ve been a bit bored on the song front and in all honesty we’ve been heavily working with our new project the FOG Project which you can find out more about on our Facebook page but come 2013 we’re going to be releasing a compilation of remixes and remasters of selected HOLICE tracks.

This will be an iTunes release and limited edition CD which will be available from electronic record label COLD Records or Chris if you see him in the pub.

Work has already started on revamping tracks and the best ones will make the mix.

Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page by clicking ‘Like’ and also on Twitter at our Twitter page

Update Blog Shocker


After almost a year HOLICE have finally updated their blog. It comes at a time when the blog really needed a new post, but as they couldn’t really think of what to say they kind of left it to me to come up with something.

However I usually report on their latest news and so the topic of updating the blog is technically news that’s what I decided to write here.

It all started when I said “You need to update your blog” and they said “We can’t be arsed – we’re too busy making music, you do it” and when I asked what to write about they said “Make something up”. So here we are.

There has been mixed emotions on the updating of the blog and indeed it has been discussed in parliment but as we have said “Bananas won’t eat themselves” so we hope you enjoyed the update.

There will be more on this story as it develops.


Look out Blackpool – Here comes HOLICE

Well the release of our next single, a heavy electro rework of “Blessed”, is almost upon us and we’ve been planning the video to it.

Making video’s for songs is no easy feat. It can be, but the fact you’ve not really thought about it shows. However we’ve really put some thought into this one and we’re going to venture to Blackpool whilst the lights are on and record the video there during the evening.

This all sounds so glamourous and exciting but we’re really more stoked about having some proper Blackpool chips with lashing of chippy salt and vinegar.

Blessed” is actually a dark, brooding yet euphoric song stomping along at 130BPM hence the need for the evening shoot.

So watch out Blackpool, here comes HOLICE.

design artwork for music cd

Fancy Designing the Artwork for “Blessed”?

design artwork for music cdFancy yourself as a bit of a conceptual artist? We’re looking for some cover artwork for our next single “Blessed” which is a dark and euphoric dance track driving along at 130BPM.

We thought it would be a nice idea to see if our fans would like to take a shot at designing it.

There’s no real rules but the winning entry will be used on all marketing materials and of course will be the CD and digital artwork on Spotify, iTunes, Napster and loads of other networks. You will also be credited where it’s applicable to do so.

If you do fancy a shot at it then submit your entry by email to before 3rd October 2011 and we’ll choose a winner from all submissions.


The artwork must be digital. If you do create something outside of the computer you must scan it and send it as a high quality JPEG and no smaller than 2000 x 2000 pixels.

You’ve got free reign on this so let the creative juices flow.

basket groceries asda radio holice release

Pizza Hut, La Senza, J.D Wetherspoons play Release

basket groceries asda radio holice releaseGreat news at the HOLICEhub as we have secured even more plays for Release throughout over 40 big brand in store radio stations. Some of the places you will be able to hear Release from this week is Pizza Hut, La Senza, Mecca Bingo, Yates, J.D Wetherspoons, O2, Gala Casino and loads more.

This is all in addition to our ever growing base of radio stations who have play listed us on their A and B lists and also additional to our ASDA, CostCutter, Dunelm Mill and Topps Tiles in store plays.

Next stop Kiss FM :)


in store radio asda cost cutter dunelm mill topps tiles release holice

“Release” on ASDA and more in store Radio Stations

in store radio asda cost cutter dunelm mill topps tiles release holiceExcitment in the HOLICE HQ today as we get confirmation that “Release” has been scheduled throughout all ASDA, Cost Cutter, Topps Tiles and Dunelm Mill in store radio stations. Not just that but also various bars, restaurants and gyms in the UK.

I’m sure you’ll share our dizziness as this is great news and we shall be popping a bottle of Bucks Fizz a little later.

So the next time you’re in ASDA, Cost Cutter, Topps Tiles or Dunelm Mill you may just hear it. We’ve had loads of texts already from friends telling us they had heard it, and that was before we’d even had confirmation lol.

Now where’s the cork screw???? Oh yeah, it’s Bucks Fizz….

louise littler loopy release holice

The Sexiest HOLICE Video Yet

louise littler loopy release holiceThe video to the next single “Release” is currently in the edit suite and it’s looking fabulous. We took the typical HOLICE approach to making a video…. get  a location then worry about the details on the day.

This video was shot at Limo’s Northwest and we used their stretch Hummer limo for a variety of interior and exterior shots. We had the idea that if we used the big black tarpaulin that covers the stretch Hummer we would be able to make the garage look less of a garage. It didn’t work and the Hummer overshadowed the tarpaulin drape that we had taped to the wall.

So we decided to embrace the fact that it was a garage cum lock up and run with it. Not only that the other idea of a dimly lit set was blighted by the sunniest day 2011 had yet seen.

“Adopt, Adapt and Improve” I always say, so that’s what we did.

I have to say Loopy (Louise) worked herself really hard and we had a great time. She did get a bit raunchy though meaning a little bit of editing is required…….. oh sod it, it’s a pop video.

Also the other girls in the video worked hard too, especially in those heels. They could barely walk without supporting each other.

Here are a few stills from the rushes for you to see. The video will be ready for the single release on the 18th July 2011.

[nggallery id=2]

iggy pop ugly bastard

Why the DEMO is dead

iggy pop ugly bastard

If I had a face like that I learn to walk on my hands and teach my arse to talk

It may interest you to know that the DEMO is dead. Yep, as a Dodo. I very often still hear people going on about going into a recording studio to record a demo.

Since around 2005 the need for expensive studio time to record something you’re simply going to punt around on a Traxdata CD-R to different record companies is no longer necessary.

“How is this possible?” I hear you ask in amazment at such a bold statement.

Trust me on this, the only time you need to venture into a studio is when you’re putting together the final recording, and that’s only if you’re in a band with it’s bass guitars, drums and egos.

If, like me, you’re a keyboard player and you don’t mind plagarising samples, loops and anything else that sounds good in the mix then you can do all of this on your laptop at home. It’s true. Our song Tokyo Boy started life in Ste’s kitchen surrounded by condiments and cats. We both worked on the track and within a few hours had the basic skeleton which Ste then recorded his vocals on (still in the kitchen) and viola – a demo of Tokyo Boy. Cost = £0.

I was then able to sit at home and work on the crafting and layering the song, again at no cost.

We are currently in the lucky position where Andy (the fourth member of Holice) has a vocal booth in his converted garage so at least we can keep the acoustics on our new material. But it may even further amaze you that Tokyo Boy’s main vocals were recorded in Ste’s kitchen also.

This isn’t because we’re cheap in anyway, it’s because we’re indie – and when you’re indie and fledgling you pull on your own resources and skills. The last thing you do is throw money away on making demo’s.

If you’re wondering what hardware and software we use to create our music then we use a combination of Reason 4 by Propellerheads for the music, Abelton Live 8 for live vocal work and processing, Izotope Ozone plugin for mastering, Adobe Auditon for any other work. Hardware we have an ASUS Laptop and some sort of professional microphone. I don’t remember the make but it cost over £200.

Utilising the above we can churn out the choons and sidestep the need for expensive recording studios and it’s all thanks to the Japanese.

release holice electro dance pop

FREE music download of “Release”

release holice electro dance popIf you are reading this and it’s not after 15th July 2011 then you can still get your hands on your FREE music download of our new single called “Release” which is out on the 18th July.

It’s an electro dance stonker and features a mellow original mix and a Chris Moogs extended mix which is nearly 10 minutes long. Phew.

If you would like to get your FREE music download right now then all you need to do is signup to our VIP list here >>

Once you’ve filled in your details you will automatically be emailed with the download.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends as well and suggest our Facebook page to your mates too

limos northwest limo hire

Electro Limo’s for Electro Single

limos northwest limo hire

Christ, my car comes with a Vodka Bar - Get In!

I have to say I’m getting a little excited for our next music video to our electro single “Release”.

Why? Well we’re going to use Northwest Limo company Limo’s Northwest stretch limo’s as the setting for the vid.

They look absolutely fantastic and seem to be the perfect setting for a balls out electro tune like “Release“.

We’ve not planned too far ahead just yet and we will be having a visit to Limo’s Northwest in the next week to get a better feel for what we can do.

As always though our music video’s are recorded on the fly with a lot of reactive creative flair and input from many many people.

On thing’s for sure though – we won’t be touching the mini bar.

wikipedia music entry indie band

HOLICE on Wikipedia

wikipedia music entry indie bandOne of the hardest tasks facing any indie band or musician trying to establish a fan base and a following (not to mention fake cred along the way), is getting an entry on Wikipedia.

You see Wikipedia isn’t strictly a promotional medium, at least that’s not why it exsits. It’s a resource for information. However when you’re trying to establish yourself as an artist it’s nice to be able to say you’ve an entry on Wikipedia.

Have you ever tried to get on Wikipedia? You make a page and then within two weeks its gone thanks to the over enthusiastic moderators who have too much power.

In order to get an entry you need to meet certain targets or achievements to warrant being left alone. Each category is different and music has it’s own set of rules.

However sometimes, just sometimes, someone else sets up an entry for you and it remains live. This is what has happened with us. Check out our Wikipedia page

Of course my suggestion to you, if you’re a musician, don’t try and set your own up – it doesn’t work. Just leave it, work hard, get your music out, get it noticed, get articles and reviews written about you and keep on keeping on.

Rewards in music come through hard work, dedication and being shameless in plugging yourself. Never be ashamed of your gift. When someone asks what you do, don’t say you work at the DWP – tell them you’re a songwriter or whatever it is you do musically. Let’s face it, which is more interesting to talk about?

Focus on the music and someone will eventually write your Wiki page for you.

peckforton castle fire music video make the night worthwhile

Peckforton Castle Fire

peckforton castle fire music video make the night worthwhile

Not the man who has been arrested

It’s such a shame to read that popular wedding venue, and the setting for our music video “Make the Night Worthwhile“, Peckforton Castle near Tarporey in Cheshire has become severely damaged after an arson attack yesterday (19th June 2011).

Police suspect a 36 year old groom who was in dispute with Peckforton Castle over the bill and a man has been arrested.

Fortunately no one was injured and all staff and guest were evacuated safely.

Here’s hoping everything gets back to normal soon.

Here’s the article on the story >> Click Here

And here’s the video, and yes we know it’s tragic but as Chris says “We will never have the chance in our career to be this cheesy again!”


electro pop dance release itunes

“Release” Unleashed July 18th

electro pop dance release itunesFinally the wait it over and we are happy to announce the next single will be “Release“. It is a Balls Out electro pop tune which sounds fantastic, bold and stonking.

It’s taken a bit of time to get sorted but you know what they say “Great works always take a long time” and the other cliché “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – but we’re there now and you will be able to get it from iTunes from the 18th July 2011.

We’re in the process of organising the video which we will post up for you on our YouTube channel as soon as it’s done.

In the meantime please enjoy this 30 second sample

Ste in Corporate Video

speedy assist corporate video alan partidge hamiltons waterbreaksFrom the heady heights of Hollyoaks and Emmerdale, not to mention the new Meryl Steeeeep film “The Iron Lady“, Ste has finally landed the big one. This is the equivalent of Alan Partiridge and his “Hamiltons Waterbreaks” (almost).

Ste is in a corporate video for Speedy Assist. Check it out and check out his serious face. Remember all these folks, you just know that Graham Norton will show them on his show in a few years.

Follow this link and then click on “Watch Video” half way down the page.

How to Write and Produce a Song

how to write a song

Bruce Springsteen should really choose guitars that aren't so heavy

One of the questions I get asked is often is “How do you write your songs?

This is one of those $64 million (dollar) questions for any songwriter / producer because everyone has a different approach, so I’m about to tackle this head on in the way that I do it.

1) Choose a chord. This is the chord that will be the main chord in your song. I’ve discovered over the years that you can have too many chords. Two chords are fine, three is okay but anymore than that and your wading into Jazz territory. A big no no if you want to hold onto any cred you may have.

2) Once you’ve decided on a chord (or two), be it major or minor, you need to create a groove underneath it. The groove is the gritty sweaty bass line and drum track combination that will keep people tapping toes or even dancing to your song. The bass line needs to be shifting and clear and you need a good phat instrument. Don’t use a real bass player, just use a keyboard or synth rather than some thumb slapping dickhead.

3) Get a good strong drum kit and get a groove programmed. Alternatively choose a drum loop from a producers loop pack. Doesn’t have to be anything expensive – the cheaper the better but the key is what you’re happy with. What you’re doing has to come from inside your soul and heart, not your wallet.

4) Once you’ve got eight bars looping over with your fantastic chord, bass and drum combination you can start to come up with a melody. This is what you sing along to on other songs. Don’t be afraid to steal ideas from other songs. The history of music is built on plagarism – there’s nothing new anymore so don’t waste time striving for the undiscovered and remember that borrowing from a hit of yesterday can warm people to your song immediately.

5) Words???? I can’t really help with this bit – I usually pass the track I’ve created to Ste and he will either come up with something or reject it. My lyrics are naff and are usually to do with driving in a car or walking and thinking about something.

    And there you have it. This is the basis for writing a song. I would stress that once you have it written down and possibly even demo’d don’t be tempted to faff with it too much. I’m all for perfection but if it takes more than 6 weeks then I get bored.

    If you have any specific questions about gear, equipment, software, techniques, mastering etc then you can email me

    “The Hoo Song” Release Date

    the hoo song twilight breaking dawnWell it’s taken us long enough but we’ve finally scheduled a release date for The Hoo Song which will be Monday 11th April 2011.

    As per usual it will be available via iTunes, Napster, Spotify and loads of other networks and of course you will be able to buy a hard copy from the COLD Records website.

    As for Twilight Breaking Dawn we’re still waiting to hear from Hollywood but as soon as we know anything we’ll let you know.

    If you want to be one of the first to know then sign up to our VIP list on the left with your name and email address.

    Ste in new Meryl Streep film

    ste -on set of the iron lady meryl streepIt always makes me smile when I write our latest news section and find that I’m not actually telling you anything about our music.

    That’s always going to happen though especially when one of a bands members is doing something interesting.

    In the past I’ve told you about Ste being an extra in adverts for Renault and DFS and in the past he’s been a copper in Hollyoaks and other parts in Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

    Well now he’s landed a bit part on the new Meryl Streep film “The Iron Lady” which I’ve been told isn’t an Iron Man spin off or even a film about a woman that overcomes adversity when faced with a mountain of ironing one Sunday morning. It’s about that wonderful woman Margaret Thatcher who was deservedly Prime Minister for what felt like a lifetime (Sarcasm mode cancelled).

    The film also stars Richard E.Grant or as we know him better Withnail. As of yet Ste has resisted the temptation to yell “I DEMAND TO HAVE SOME BOOZE!”

    Help Raise £4000 for Help for Heroes

    help for heroesI think it’s fair to say we all know someone who is in the forces and sadly some of us even have family and friends who have been casualties of conflict whilst protecting our great nation and allowing us to live free lives.

    We have decided to do our bit for Help for Heroes and aim to raise around £4000 with your help.

    How are we going to try to do this?

    The only way we know how.

    We all know that pop music isn’t going to change the world, but it can change lives in some small way and we want to be able to help give something back to the families of those fighting for our freedom.

    How You Can Help

    For one week from the 17th January 2011 we would like to ask you to purchase at least one copy of “So Beautiful” by HOLICE from iTunes and ask your family and friends to do the same. All it will cost you is 79p – that’s all.

    Link >>

    If you can’t do this then please pass this on and invite others that you think would be in a position to help.

    We’re aiming to sell around 10,000 units to hit our target and all profits will go to Help for Heroes.

    Thanks Go To

    Help for Heroes >>

    EmuBands >>